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Terms & Conditions

By placing an online order, you agree and accept to all Terms & Conditions set forth by Vita Fede. This notice contains the frequently asked questions and terms that govern this website. If online customers do not accept these terms, Vita Fede reserves the right to cancel any transaction and ask customers to refrain from using Access to Vita is for personal use only and not intended for commercial purposes.


On approved credit, Buyer shall pay MCO Global, LLC, dab Vita Fede for all goods shipped to Buyer within thirty (30) days of shipment. In the absence of approved credit, all goods shall be paid in cash or major credit cards in advance prior to shipment unless the Buyer and Vita Fede expressly agree otherwise in writing. All references to money amounts herein, unless otherwise specified, shall be in United States currency. Remit payments to Hilldun Corporation, 225 West 35th Street, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10010. Please include your Customer Account # on the check.

FREIGHT TERMS F.O.B. (Shipping Point)

Please Note: You may request to be contacted when your shipment is ready for final credit card approval. Freight charges will not be available at the time of authorization. Please make advance notification requests in writing when your initial order is placed.


Title passes to buyer at our dock. Vita Fede’s responsibility is limited to proof of delivery to carrier.


Unless notified otherwise, Vita Fede reserves the right to back order and/or split ship on a purchase order if necessary.


We will charge a 20% re-stocking fee for all refused shipments. Refusals negatively reflect account status and may affect future eligibility to order product.


All claims for shortages, shipping discrepancies (style/ color/size/overages, etc…) and/or damages must be received in writing within 5 working days of order receipt or remittance invoice(s). Vita Fede will issue credit only when claims are accompanied and supported by documentation that verifies such claims. Email or fax us at 866.815.8601 to process your claim. Please provide us with the order details along with your Customer Account #.


Returns cannot be made without the written consent of Vita Fede. All return requests on defective product are processed through our Customer Service Department. Phone Customer Service at 646.869.4003 or email to request a return authorization (RA) form. If a shipping label is issued, you must ship the product back to within five (5) working days of receiving the RA or the shipping label will expire. Product returned without a valid RA will be refused and returned at the Buyer’s expense.

Please note Vita Fede will not participate in the practice of accepting chargebacks for Handling, Administrative Fees, Service Fees or Penalties for PO Violations or Shipping Errors.


We warrant that our products are free from manufacturing defects for up to 1 year from customer purchase date. Proof of purchase is required.


Order cancellations will be at the discretion of Vita Fede, and will only be considered when requested within fifteen (15) days of placing the order. Any goods in transit at time of receipt of cancellation notice must be accepted by Buyer. We require at least a two-week shipping window based on start ship and stop ship dates. We do not recognize “Received by” or “In House By dates.”


Buyer acknowledges and agrees that the trade practices commonly known as “diverting”, “transshipping” or “parallel import/export” are prohibited by the terms of this agreement. Under no circumstances will Buyer sell products through online auction websites or otherwise through the internet, except as specifically authorized in writing by Vita Fede.