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“Handcrafted by multi-generational artisan families”

We believe that by creating beautiful objects and sharing the stories behind them, we can connect people’s lives in unexpected ways. This is the foundation that Vita Fede is built upon and it is the shared mission of our team, our partners and our design collaborators. Established in 2009 by designer and founder, Cynthia K. Sakai, Vita Fede, is Italian for “life” and “faith” – our two guiding principles that remain the driving force behind everything we do.

Handcrafted by artisans from around the globe – masters of their craft – every piece in our collection combines American, Asian and European influences to create a universal point of view. From the artist’s workbench delivered directly to our customer, our promise is that every piece is created with an attention to detail that is unsurpassed. Our aesthetic is modern, yet classic. The final masterpiece, where form meets function, is a work of art that is elegantly simple, yet modular and multi-purpose. Each piece is designed to be as useful as it is transformative.