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Vita Fede x PEGACASA

What is the most outrageous idea you’ve had for an iPhone case? 

The SLIMFIT Collection is certainly one of our craziest attempts! The design itself is very purposeful. Most phone cases hide the sleek design of the iPhone. With the SLIMFIT, the natural beauty of the iPhone is on full display. An elegant leather embossed case with handy credit card slots and a functional back clip, while revealing the sophisticated and smooth outlines of the iPhone itself. The SLIMFIT is the perfect blend of both form and function.


Do you see any dangers with technological advances? If so, why? 

In many ways, technology has always been one of the primary drivers of moving our society forward. At every juncture, there have always been risks and dangers associated with innovating too quickly or becoming too dependent on technology in our daily lives. To me, our increasing reliance on AI technology is perhaps the most alarming development. AI’s ability to replace human judgment and potentially take over decision-making threatens to disrupt the dialectical process of viewing issues from multiple perspectives. When you remove that innately human approach from the equation, I worry we will be heading down a very perilous path.

Where is the future headed with technology? When will we see flying cars?

Technology has always had its risks and rewards. While “big data” seems to be the big buzzword these days, I believe quantum computing may upend that trend as we know it. Moreover, as technology progresses and we develop new technological feats and advances in medicine, we will continue to see life expectancy increase. Perhaps we will even see older populations utilizing technology like 3D printing and custom-made clothing and accessories to create their own ‘aesthetic revolution,’ giving a whole new spin on anti-aging treatments.

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With so much new and fascinating technology on the market, which one do you think is going to the most prominent in the future?

More than anything else, I see Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR) as some of the biggest developments in the new future that could have the greatest impact on society. As computer-generated displays and content become more sophisticated, our realities will begin to transform right before our very eyes. We’ve seen a lot of this happening in gaming, but this trend is quickly expanding into nearly every aspect of our daily lives – everything from business transactions to the way our children learn in their classrooms. The possibilities are endless and I’m excited to see what will come next.

If you could invent ONE thing, doesn’t matter the cost or if it’s even possible, what would you make?

I’m truly fascinated by AI, so I would invest in building an extensive database of AI design knowledge for the world to access. It would be free and publicly accessible, particularly for young people interested in design around the world. Aristotle advocates that people should live a life of love and goodness aimed at bringing happiness to everyone around them. To me, having the ability to share knowledge with the world would be the greatest gift I could offer.