California native Cynthia K. Sakai was no stranger to the arts, growing up in a household with two design oriented parents; her mother worked at a prestigious Fashion House in Rome and her father as an architect. After an extensive pursuit of an acting career, Cynthia decided to move in a different direction when she launched her first accessories line, Girlboy by Koco, at the youthful age of 18.

By age 21, the talented and driven young entrepreneur started a multiline showroom in Los Angeles where she further explored her love of the fashion industry, but her interests soon shifted from the showroom to designing her first jewelry collection when her friend gave her a beautiful Italian bracelet. Cynthia was intrigued with the detail and craftsmanship of this captivating piece, and at that point realized her most inspiring category in the jewelry space; Vita Fede was then born in 2009.

Cynthia’s entire collection is handmade in Italy, so it’s no surprise that the brand name is Italian; Vita Fede translates to “life” and “faith,” two elements that connect people across cultures. Cynthia is quite worldly herself so naturally, she draws from her unique surroundings. Each collection is inspired by the beautiful lifestyles, languages, unique architecture and natural scenery in the cities Cynthia has visited. A fusion of American, European, and Asian cultures, the Vita Fede aesthetic is both classic and timeless with a modern twist. Every piece is designed with superior craftsmanship and profound attention to detail.